Keratin Treatment vs. Brazilian Blowout — Which is Best For You?

Are you getting frustrated trying to manage your frizzy, untamable hair? A hair smoothing treatment is a smart investment for anyone looking to lock in smoother, straighter hair for a while to simplify their beauty routine. You’ve probably heard of Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments, two of the most popular hair smoothing treatments out there. Both treatments will allow you to enjoy straighter, more manageable hair for months, but how do they differ?

At Moran Laser & Salon, we help people throughout Nashville enhance and enjoy their appearance with top-rated salon and laser removal services. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the differences between Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments, so you can choose the perfect treatment for your hair. Read on to find out which hair treatment is best for what you’re looking for, and once you have a better idea, call Moran Laser & Salon today to schedule your own luxury treatment today!


The Differences Between Brazilian Blowouts And Keratin Treatments

Brazilian blowout and keratin treatments both help you eliminate frizz and boost the shine of your hair to achieve smoother, more radiant locks, but each go about achieving these effects in different ways. Here’s how:

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian blowouts are the most convenient treatment for today’s busy fashionistas. Brazilian blowouts work by coating your hair with a select variety of nourishing and protective amino acids. The result is straight, smooth, sexy hair that’s easy to manage! And the best part is that there’s no downtime after a Brazilian blowout — you can pin up or style your hair as you wish right away! Enjoy 12 weeks of sleek, straight, hassle-free hair with a Brazilian blowout!

Some critics have raised concerns about the presence of formaldehyde, a chemical that can cause cancer at high levels of exposure, in the Brazilian blowout formula. However, formeldahyde is only dangerous if breathed in or exposed to the eyes or skin, and there have been no studies linking Brazilian blowout treatments to an increased risk for cancer.

Advantages: no downtime, quicker procedure, maximum hair straightening

Disadvantages: Results not as long-lasting as keratin treatments, contains formaldehyde

Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are a smart choice of hair treatment for those looking to enhance the health of their hair. These types of hair smoothing treatments work by penetrating each individual strand of hair with a mixture of restorative nutrients and high concentrations of keratin, the same material your body uses to produce hair and nails. Your body seals these goodies into the cortex of each hair, nourishing and repairing each hair follicle. The result is not only smoother and straighter hair, but hair that is stronger and healthier, too. Keratin treatments aren’t quite as convenient as Brazilian blowouts — it’s recommended that you avoid washing or excessively styling your hair for a few days after treatment — but the results they deliver last much longer, up to 5 months!

Advantages: Improves hair health, longest-lasting results

Disadvantages: Downtime required

Get Smooth, Radiant Locks Today!

Now that you know the differences between Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments, you can choose the perfect treatment to deliver the benefits you’re looking for. Call Moran Laser & Salon today to schedule your hair treatment at the top-rated salon in Nashville!