Do you want to enjoy smooth, sleek hair that’s just as pleasant to the touch as it is radiant to behold? Has your hair been damaged by other hair smoothing treatments? If so, a Brazilian blowout treatment is right for you. 

Brazilian blowout treatments are suitable for all hair types, too! Unlike hair relaxers, Brazilian blowouts don’t change your natural curl pattern, meaning that when the treatment wears off in about 12 weeks, your hair’s natural waves and curls will return without a line of demarcation from new hair growth.

Brazilian Blowout Treatments At Moran Laser & Salon In Nashville

When you get a Brazilian blowout treatment at Moran Laser & Salon in Nashville, you’ll enjoy a quick, painless procedure with no need for downtime or re-dos. The Brazilian blowout treatment takes 80 to 90 minutes to complete, and afterwards, you’ll be able to wash your hair, pull it into a ponytail, and do whatever you like to it without fear of messing it up. Our Brazilian blowouts are a simple solution for long-lasting smooth hair. Contact our Nasheville location today to book your appointment!