How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

At Moran Laser & Spa in Nashville, TN, we offer laser tattoo removal services to help you get rid of unwanted tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective method of removing tattoos without the need for surgery. But how does it work?


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Our Simple and Effective Process

The laser tattoo removal procedure works by using specialized lasers to break down the tattoo ink. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo, which then breaks down into smaller particles that are absorbed by the body. The laser light does not damage the surrounding skin, allowing for a more precise and effective treatment.

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Are You a Good Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

For the best results, a good candidate for laser tattoo removal should have light skin and dark tattoos. While laser tattoo removal is possible with darker skin, it may require additional treatments to achieve the desired results. The laser treatment is also more effective on tattoos that are more than six months old.

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What To Expect During Laser Tattoo Removal

During the laser tattoo removal treatment, you may experience some mild discomfort. The sensation is typically described as a hot rubber band snapping against the skin. This sensation usually only lasts for a few seconds. Once the pigment of your tattoo is broken up by the laser, it will slowly be safely absorbed by your white blood cells and disappear.

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What Are the Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal?

The benefits of laser tattoo removal include being able to get rid of unwanted tattoos without the need for surgery. Additionally, laser tattoo removal can also help to reduce the appearance of existing tattoos. With laser tattoo removal, you can have a fresh start and say goodbye to your unwanted ink.

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At Moran Laser & Spa, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible laser tattoo removal experience. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in laser tattoo removal and can help you achieve the results you desire. Contact us today to learn more about our laser tattoo removal services!

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